“Working with Aristides guitars has been nothing but a huge improvement on all possible levels. The amazing craftsmanship, the mix-ready frequency balance, how lite and durable they are, the insane finishes – I am continuously blown away by these guys` work. Not to mention that they built me THE best playing and sounding fretless guitar on the market. “

Tom ‘Fountainhead’ Geldschläger



Fountainhead is the alter-ego of musician Tom Geldschläger. Operating from his creative homebase of Berlin, Germany, Tom has appeared on a 3-digit amount of releases as guitarist, arranger, producer, orchestrator, mixing/mastering-engineer and sometimes even oud-player. He’s recorded and toured worldwide with artists like Obscura, Belphegor, Defeated Sanity, Amogh Symphony, Marco Minnemann, Hannes Grossmann, Voodoogods, Christian Münzner or Nader Sadek, has been featured in various music-magazines around the globe, written several books of non-fiction as well as musical notation, as well as introducing the fretless guitar to (extreme) metal. Today, Tom is widely regarded as a “modern-day guitar legend”, thanks to his inimitable playing style, complex genre-bending compositions and fearless use of fretless instruments. He’s currently endorsed by Aristides Guitars, Elixir Strings, Steinberg Audio, Loxx Products, Engl Amplification, DeadWeald Audio Engineering, NeuralDSP plug-ins, Winspear Instrumental guitar picks MONO cases and Bare Knuckle Pickups. Tom is also an in-demand clinician and public speaker in the fields of creativity, music-production & musician’s mental health and part of the cutting edge of spatial & 360 degree audio production.

2023 sees Fountainhead return with his boldest and biggest solo work yet: His first-ever solo headlining tour of india – and “Changeling”, a 65-minute tour-de-force concept album, amping everything about Tom’s work up to 11 – an allstar band featuring members of Fear Factory, Alkaloid, Virvum & Nicolas-Maier-Group, near-impossible guitar acrobatics on both fretted & fretless instruments, highly-complex-yet-catchy compositions incorporating influences from progressive metal, death metal, jazz/fusion, world- & classical music, intricate orchestrations performed by a 40-piece ensemble of guest musicians, and the long-awaited “Part 2” to Tom’s most well-known composition so far: “Weltseele”, the 15-minute orchestral metal epic from Obscura’s billboard-chart-entering “Akroasis” album, which introduced the wider metal world to Tom’s unique style and songwriting back in 2016.

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