S/B – Bass

"It’s no secret I’ve had an obsession with Arium for a long time now, and I always reach for it while recording especially. It’s played a major role in creating my bands sound, and I feel that the material offers something very special, and unique, sonically. The prospect of recording with my usual go to’s, plus this Arium bass opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and I cannot wait to get it in my hands!"

Aristides Bass Prototype SB5 Vertical

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About the S/B – Bass

Welcome! We are so excited to share our brand-new flagship Aristides multiscale basses, the S/B Series, with you. You may notice this page looks a little different because we are still in the prototyping stage, but these 4, 5, & 6 string basses will be made available to the public in 2024. So please keep in mind this page is a work in progress designed to share updates with you; it contains photos of prototypes & specifications that are still subject to change. We have spent years painstakingly researching & designing a new series of Aristides basses from the ground up, both because we are aiming to create a truly unique bass offering that establishes Aristides as a bass-focused brand & because through exhaustive testing we’ve found our proprietary Arium material & one-piece construction method make huge improvements to the resonance & clarity of the bass guitar. We’ve also focused on the modularity of the S/B Series; with a huge variety of pickup & electronics combinations available to tailor the instrument to your exact needs as a bassist. Please enjoy these early previews & feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions or to ask about preordering early. Thank you for taking this exciting journey with us.

What is Arium?

All Aristides instruments are made using a proprietary material called ‘Arium.’ Not only is Arium tonally balanced with rich sustain, it is incredibly stable – all of our guitars are built with an integrally-layered exoskeleton & resonant Arium core. The end result is not only a sustainable instrument that will last a lifetime – but also a guitar built to the highest quality standards by a team of dedicated luthiers. Click below to learn more!



The Aristides S/B4 helps you get a little bit more out of your bass. Its carefully designed multiscale layout achieves a balanced & “piano-like” tone with rich harmonics across all strings – the dream of professional bass players! Not to mention the benefits of our proprietary one-piece Arium construction, which we discovered lends itself very well to bass guitars early in our history. The S/B4, like all S/B basses, is available in a wide variety of active & passive pickup configurations to suit multiple genres of music & playing styles; ensuring the S/B4 is as tonally versatile as the instrument itself.

Scale Length
33.6-35.4" (prototype spec subject to change)
Fretboard Radius
Compound 10" (254mm) - 16.4" (417mm)
Neck Width
1.57" (40mm) at nut to 2.19" (55.5mm) at 12th fret


Our original 050 model was a 5-string bass lauded for its clarity in lower registers, so the first prototype for our flagship multiscale S/B Bass Series had to be the 5-string S/B5. 5-string basses & their clarity on the low B string are the standard against which a good bass is measured. The S/B Series underwent years of research & was newly designed from the ground up because we’re dedicated to making Aristides not just “a guitar company that offers a cool bass,” but rather a flagship bass brand with something truly unique to offer. We believe when you try an S/B5 you will hear a clarity that meets & exceeds those standards.

Scale Length
33.6-36" (prototype spec subject to change)
Fretboard Radius
Compound 10" (254mm) - 17" (432mm)
Neck Width
1.79" (45.5mm) at nut to 2.58" (65.5mm) at 12th fret


While many 6-string basses can feel like an entirely foreign instrument, the Aristides S/B6 was carefully designed with a focus on playability & allowing the bassist to fully express themselves musically. Not only does the S/B6 exhibit rich sustain & chordal clarity – you’ll find the stable nature of Arium results in an instrument that you’ll rarely have to adjust. All S/B Series basses have 24 frets: so when you have a stable, high-performance, 4-octave instrument like the Aristides S/B6 6-string multiscale bass, you are free to focus on your music.

Scale Length
33-36" (prototype spec subject to change)
Fretboard Radius
Compound 10" (254mm) - 17" (432mm)
Neck Width
2.17" (55mm) at nut to 3.12" (79.3mm) at 12th fret


  • Construction: One piece body & neck, integrally layered exoskeleton with Arium core
  • Headstock: Split design
  • Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite
  • Truss Rod: Dual action with no-component-removal adjustment at headstock
  • Nut: Graphtech / Aristides Custom TUSQ
  • Fretboard: Richlite Black or Light
  • Fretboard Inlay: 12th fret S/B logo, 1st fret Aristides ‘A’ logo, center dots, offset dots, rings, & more available as mother of pearl or colored epoxy
  • Side Dots: Luminlay blue or green
  • Frets: 24 stainless steel Jescar FW43080 frets
  • Neck Profile: Comfortable C-shape, 0.83′ (21mm) at nut to 0.91” (23mm) at 12th fret (prototype spec subject to change)
  • Neck Specs: Width, radius, & scale length vary per # of strings as above
  • Hardware Color: Black, chrome, or gold
  • Bridge: Hipshot 5S100 SOLO Saddles & EverTune available
  • Finish: Raw, painted high gloss, painted satin, & painted custom available – please contact us with questions during this pre-launch period
  • Pickups: Fishman, EMG, Nordstrand, & more – please contact us with questions during this pre-launch period
  • Controls: Varies per pickups & preamp – please contact us with questions during this pre-launch period
  • Electronics: MEC, optional Darkglass preamp, with additional custom options available
  • Accessories: All Aristides instruments include Quantum Industries soft case, Aristides-branded wallet w/ COA card, Aristides-branded strap w/ locks, truss rod adjustment tool, & picks

Painted vs. Raw

We offer 2 finishing methods for our instruments. ‘Raw’ models have a colored exoskeleton & offer a lower cost & shorter build time. They have a slightly textured surface & are available in a wide variety of solid colors. Painted guitars give you access to our full array of high gloss, satin, & custom finishes. Raw & Painted models each offer their own unique character: click below to learn more!

We offer a wide variety of custom options including endless finish combinations, Bare Knuckle, EMG, Seymour Duncan, Fishman, & Lundgren pickups, killswitches & rechargeable battery ports, custom tremolo stops, graphic inlays, & much more. Please check out our order form for a full list or get in touch with us directly to discuss your ideas!

Our S/B Bass Series is explicitly designed to offer as many custom options as possible, particularly when it comes to electronics. This includes active pickups such as Fishman & EMG, passive pickups like Nordstrand combined with active preamps such as Darkglass, & more. So please check out our order form for a non-comprehensive list of options or get in touch with us directly to discuss your ideas!

Aristides Guitars EverTune Multiscale

2023 saw our involvement in a massive viral guitar story when we created the world’s first true multiscale EverTune guitar bridge & installed it on an 070SR for Mike Stringer of Spiritbox. Our friends at EverTune gave us their blessing to combine EverTune modules with our own custom-made frame to create the Aristides Guitars EverTune. Click below to learn more about our history of proprietary component development!
Aristides Guitars Evertune Multiscale