Finishing Process

Custom Guitar Finishes at Aristides

Painted Guitar Finishes

We pride ourselves on our wide variety of Aristides Painted finishes, applied by a small group of dedicated experts using many techniques & innovations unique to our factory. Chances are, the first time you saw an Aristides – it was a friend saying “Hey! Check this finish out!” Not only are Painted Aristides finishes durable whether you order gloss or satin, we offer a huge variety of finish types including solid color, sparkle, marble, shattered, “flamed,” chameleon, fade, worn, splatter, burst, & many more. We take great care to apply our finishes evenly & with only the necessary thickness so that the full tonal benefits of our unique construction method remain intact, resulting in an instrument that breathes freely.

Raw R-Series Finishes

Raw finishes are the best value way to get an Aristides guitar & offer a unique look & feel. In order to reduce cost & build time, we developed a method to directly color the exoskeleton of our guitars, then seal them with a special nano coating for durability & playability. We hoped this would provide a great workhorse for guitarists who want a simple solid color, but Aristides Raw models quickly developed a dedicated fanbase who even prefer them over our Painted guitars for their unique look & slightly textured surface feel. Many players say they can hear a difference too – we’ll leave that for you to decide. Whether you want an Aristides on a budget or enjoy a rugged look, we are constantly increasing the number of Raw colors available so you still have options to express yourself with your instrument.

Custom Guitar Finishes

Can you order an Aristides with a custom finish? Now you’re speaking our language. Since the very beginning of Aristides, we’ve received requests for “crazy finish ideas” that we’ve figured out how to make possible, & it’s been an increasing focus of ours so that you can truly order your dream instrument totally unique to you. This includes movie & video game themed guitars, tributes to pets, aerospace-inspired builds, camouflage, crackle finishes, & yes, even swirl paint jobs. It doesn’t stop at finishes – we can create custom inlays, apply body graphics, & much more. Check out our Gallery to see examples, & don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your “crazy idea.” It might be just crazy enough for our paint team.