0 – Standard

Aristides’ flagship Standard Series design was first developed for the 7-string 070 model & met with widespread critical acclaim. Its comfortable neck, amazing upper fret access, & elegant body carves quickly made it a favorite among discerning guitarists looking for a highly-playable instrument with balanced tone & rich sustain. The Standard series expanded to the 6-string 060 & baritone 8-string 080 & became the flagship Aristides design – a great entry point for any guitarist looking for a stable, versatile instrument with a great neck.

S – Multiscale

The multiscale Aristides S-Series models are for players who want a little more from their guitar. You will notice an increased clarity across large chords, better sustain on the low strings, an increased comfort in your fretting hand, & of course more clarity & intonation range when tuning down. The multiscale design including scale lengths, neutral fret placement, body offset, & more were carefully chosen to create a balanced instrument that will not feel unfamiliar, yet improves your playing experience across the board. Both hardtail & tremolo bridges are available, as well as 6, 7, & 8-string models.

H – Headless

We saw headless guitars as a huge opportunity for us to innovate & apply both the strengths of our luthiers & our unique construction method to a fast-growing style of guitar with a dedicated fanbase that wants the best. H/0 Headless Series models were designed from the ground up for superior ergonomics, a balanced multiscale design, & reliable hardware that makes maintenance convenient thanks to our proprietary bridges & headpiece designed with Hantug Guitars. We are proud to say that combining Aristides’ sustain & stability with a compact, lightweight, ergonomic headless design with proprietary hardware, including both hardtail & tremolo options, creates a truly unique instrument that only Aristides can offer.

T – Style

The T/0 T-Style 6-string model is the Aristides chameleon. If you’ve thought of a wild idea for a guitar, the T/0 is probably the platform that can make it a reality. Designed not only as our 22-fret offering with a slightly larger neck & a modernized update on a classic body shape, the T/0 was designed with a huge array of hardware & electronics in mind. If you’re looking for a traditional plate-style bridge, an Evertune, a tremolo, or a modern hardtail: it is available on the T/0. As are single coils & humbuckers, piezo saddles, a deluxe layout with 4 knobs & a 3-way toggle on the horn, pickguard or direct-mount – the sky is the limit! T/0 is the guitar not only for players who want a reliable updated take on a traditional shape, but also those looking for an instrument that can perfectly suit their specific needs as a player.

Extended Range Guitars

We are proud to offer 6, 7, 8, & even 9 string guitars! This is a very important part of what we do at Aristides Guitars. We put a lot of effort into not only the sonic profile of our extended range guitars, but also ergonomic designs to make them extremely comfortable, as well as proprietary hardware & construction methods to support those goals. The 0-Standard Series & S-Multiscale Series are available in 6, 7, & 8 string models in a variety of scale lengths. The H/0-Headless Series offers 6, 7, 8, & 9 string models, & the T/0 T-Style is currently available as a 6 string.