0 – Standard

"“A bunch of top tier guitars walked into the recording studio, and the Aristides got every second of recording time, both dirty and clean, true story…”"

Green Eyes Traitor

"It’s no secret I’ve had an obsession with Arium for a long time now, and I always reach for it while recording especially. It’s played a major role in creating my bands sound, and I feel that the material offers something very special, and unique, sonically. The prospect of recording with my usual go to’s, plus this Arium bass opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and I cannot wait to get it in my hands!"

The New Standard

Aristides' Flagship Model

Versatile Design Focused On Tone, Comfort, & Stability

Zero Compromise

Stainless Steel Frets, Premium Hardware, Boutique Pickups, & More

Play With Confidence

Inspiring, Rock-Solid Guitars That Last A Lifetime Of Music

Make It Your Own

Full Suite of Aristides' Custom Shop Options Available

About the 0 – Standard

The Aristides Standard Series are precision-tuned instruments both fueled by advanced design innovations & crafted with the intense attention to detail of traditional guitar building. When you pick one up you’ll feel right at home, but notice huge improvements. This design was originally developed for the 7-string 070 model, which launched in 2013 to widespread critical acclaim. Its comfortable neck, amazing upper fret access, & elegant body carves quickly made it a favorite among discerning guitarists looking for a highly-playable instrument with balanced tone & rich sustain. Then applied to the 6-string 060 & 8-string 080, the flexible & adaptable Standard Series design was quickly adopted by touring & recording artists worldwide for its consistency & stability. A huge variety of pickup, hardware, & finish options tailor the instrument to your exact preferences & playing style. The Aristides Standard Series is a versatile, dependable lineup – the best value way to experience the benefits only available from one-piece Arium construction.

What is Arium?

All Aristides instruments are made using a proprietary material called ‘Arium.’ Not only is Arium tonally balanced with rich sustain, it is incredibly stable – all of our guitars are built with an integrally-layered exoskeleton & resonant Arium core. The end result is not only a sustainable instrument that will last a lifetime – but also a guitar built to the highest quality standards by a team of dedicated luthiers. Click below to learn more!



The 060 is our favorite model to hand to a player who wants to try one of our guitars for the first time. It’s like meeting an old friend that got some new upgrades. Sustain is effortless, & the neck is a perfect “Goldilocks” profile that everyone seems to fall in love with. No matter your playing style, we bet you’ll appreciate the tone, comfort, & stability of our flagship 060 model. Also available left-handed! ( 060L )

Fretboard Radius
Compound 12'' (304.8mm) - 16'' (406.4mm)
Neck Width
1.65'' (42mm) at nut to 2.05'' (52mm) at 12th fret


The origin of the Standard Series design! 070 offers a balanced 7-string experience equally suited to clean, rhythm, & lead styles. You will note an increase in tuning stability & pick attack that makes playing this 7 string a breeze. With options ranging from single coils to active pickups; vintage tremolos to EverTunes: 070 provides a consistent platform on which to form a unique playing style with that little bit of extended range.

Fretboard Radius
Compound 12'' (304.8mm) - 16'' (406.4mm)
Neck Width
1.89'' (48mm) at nut to 2.40'' (61mm) at 12th fret


Your one stop shop for clarity! We’ve found Arium’s sonic properties to be particularly well suited to bass frequencies, as evidenced by our basses & even our 9 string model. That’s why 080 is perfect for demanding players who want to tune low but still hear every note. Whether you’re tuning to F# or even lower,  080 will faithfully reproduce what you play in that register. You have to hear it for yourself.

Fretboard Radius
Compound 14'' (304.8mm) - 19'' (406.4mm)
Neck Width
2.17'' (55mm) at nut to 2.75'' (70mm) at 12th fret


  • Construction: One piece body & neck, integrally layered exoskeleton with Arium core
  • Headstock: In-line design with custom logo plate
  • Tuners: Hipshot Grip-Lock Open Gear locking
  • Truss Rod: Dual action with no-component-removal adjustment at headstock
  • Nut: Graphtech TUSQ or Floyd Rose locking
  • Fretboard: Richlite Black or Light
  • Fretboard Inlay: 12th fret model logo, center dots, offset dots, rings, & more available as mother of pearl or colored epoxy
  • Side Dots: Luminlay blue or green
  • Frets: 24 stainless steel Jescar FW57110 frets
  • Neck Profile: Comfortable C-shape, 0.75” (19mm) at nut to 0.79” (20mm) at 12th fret
  • Neck Specs: Width, radius, & scale length vary per # of strings as above
  • Hardware Color: Black, chrome, gold, or custom hybrid
  • Bridge: Hipshot Fixed Bridge hardtail, Hipshot US Contour tremolo, Official Floyd Rose, & EverTune available
  • Finish: Raw, painted high gloss, painted satin, & painted custom available – please see custom order form
  • Pickups: Humbucker & single coil, passive & active available – please see custom order form
  • Controls: 5-way blade, 3-way toggle, volume/tone, & more options available – please see custom guitar order form
  • Electronics: MEC, with additional custom options available
  • Accessories: All Aristides guitars include Quantum Industries soft case, Aristides-branded wallet w/ COA card, Aristides-branded strap w/ locks, truss rod adjustment tool, & picks

Painted vs. Raw

We offer 2 finishing methods for our instruments. ‘Raw’ models have a colored exoskeleton & offer a lower cost & shorter build time. They have a slightly textured surface & are available in a wide variety of solid colors. Painted guitars give you access to our full array of high gloss, satin, & custom finishes. Raw & Painted models each offer their own unique character: click below to learn more!

We offer a wide variety of custom options including endless finish combinations, Bare Knuckle, EMG, Seymour Duncan, Fishman, & Lundgren pickups, killswitches & rechargeable battery ports, custom tremolo stops, graphic inlays, & much more. Please check out our order form for a full list or get in touch with us directly to discuss your ideas!

Our S/B Bass Series is explicitly designed to offer as many custom options as possible, particularly when it comes to electronics. This includes active pickups such as Fishman & EMG, passive pickups like Nordstrand combined with active preamps such as Darkglass, & more. So please check out our order form for a non-comprehensive list of options or get in touch with us directly to discuss your ideas!

Aristides Guitars EverTune Multiscale

2023 saw our involvement in a massive viral guitar story when we created the world’s first true multiscale EverTune guitar bridge & installed it on an 070SR for Mike Stringer of Spiritbox. Our friends at EverTune gave us their blessing to combine EverTune modules with our own custom-made frame to create the Aristides Guitars EverTune. Click below to learn more about our history of proprietary component development!
Aristides Guitars Evertune Multiscale


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