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Who Are Aristides?


Aristides Guitars builds hand-crafted instruments to the highest standards in The Netherlands. We combine the best aspects of traditional guitar building & skilled luthiers with a one-piece rigid exoskeleton + resonant ‘Arium’ core design for ultimate tone, playability, & reliability. All of our guitars are custom-built with your specific needs in mind, & can be tailored to suit different genres & playing styles. A wide variety of Aristides models are available including 6-string, headless, & extended range guitars; as well as bass guitars. If you’re looking for a guitar that simply gives you “more” & empowers you to play your very best, we encourage you to take a look at what we have to offer.




Raw models feature a directly-colored exoskeleton for a shorter build time & reduced cost. Raws are sealed with a nano coating for durability & playability & feature a slightly textured surface. Built by the exact same team to the same high quality standards, Raw-finish Aristides Guitars are striking, dependable workhorses with a unique character all their own.


Painted finishes are designed & applied in-house by our small dedicated paint team focused on using unique innovations & techniques to create beautiful, toneful finishes that range from elegant solid colors to completely custom from-scratch paint jobs only limited by the client’s imagination.

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One of our biggest priorities at Aristides is direct interaction with people like you. We take great pride in the friendships we create with our customers & listening to direct feedback from guitarists when designing new models. Whether you’re a lifelong Aristides customer, a new fan, or an old friend, you are welcome in our online communities.