Who plays Aristides Guitars? Artists are an integral part of what we do, from Adrian Vandenberg helping debut us to the world at NAMM 2010, to Ihsahn’s custom builds pushing our paint department to develop new finishing processes, to the creation of the world’s first true multiscale EverTune for Mike Stringer of Spiritbox. Below you’ll find a non-comprehensive list of fantastic players who use Aristides Guitars to create their music; including quotes discussing why they choose our instruments & a list of models they use. 

For me, the Aristides experience came in several stages. First, I was struck by the flawless craftsmanship and quality of every component. Secondly, by the pristine playability, resonance and stability. Then I realized this applied to all their instruments, but with a seemingly endless range of tonal variety. Arisitides Instruments are no doubt dedicated to innovation, but at the same time so passionate about bringing everything I love about guitars into the future. I’m just thrilled to be part of it!
Emperor, Ihsahn
Aristides makes guitars you do not want to put down. I’m constantly blown away by the playability and reliability that these guitars bring to the table. The 070 and 060 have been a constant source of inspiration for me, and have become an integral part of my playing.
Devin Townsend
As a musician having a guitar you can trust to perform in the studio and on the road is mandatory, I knew when I got my Aristides these guitars are one of a kind, innovative and modern like nothing else I have played. There’s no guitar like it, sleek, light and has its own type of resonance. Getting to work hands on with a company that helps spark creativity and imagination is all I can ask for and Aristides delivers.
Of Mice & Men
The Aristides tend to sound a lot more even and well rounded all over the neck. The low strings especially tend to cut and stand out in the mix even more as well. I’ve played wooden guitars my whole life and really didn’t think an Aristides would sound good at all until I picked one up.
I’ve been shredding Aristides guitars for nearly 10 years now and I don’t have a single complaint. They’re still killing it when it comes to their precision, ingenuity and forward thinking when it comes to creating one of kind, top of the line guitars. Pascal and the gang are such a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t want to be teamed up with anyone else. I look forward to many more years together!
Nothing More
I want ballsy low end, I want clear highs. I want cutting midrange, I want broadness. This was never possible in one single guitar until Aristides found a way to do it: Arium. Add insane playability, stability and swag and you have the perfect guitars.
Timo Somers, Ayreon, Supersonic Revolution
When I first saw the Aristides guitars I was intrigued by their spectacular looks. Then when I got the chance to pick one up and feel the quality of the instrument, experience the awesome playability and hear the delicate sound, I was sold. Then when I finally tried the 080s, I was addicted!
As a touring musician, I can’t imagine a better guitar. Stable, resonant and playable beyond belief, Aristides are the pinnacle of modern guitar building and I couldn’t be happier to be playing them in both live and studio contexts.
Plini, The Helix Nebula
I’ve had a skepticism for some time now with the obsession many guitarists have with seventy-year-old guitar designs – the idea that it was done right during the first attempt and guitars don’t need to move beyond those designs. Aristides feel like the exact opposite: a truly uncompromising and forward-looking guitar company who make guitars that just work. The tuning stability is second to none and the tone is bold, thick, and unmatched in its resonance. Notes feel beautifully consistent across the fretboard and the instrument answers every performative nuance with a unique – and satisfying – immediacy. They’re truly inspiring works of technology and art and I relish playing mine every day.
Caligula’s Horse
Working with Aristides guitars has been nothing but a huge improvement on all possible levels. The amazing craftsmanship, the mix-ready frequency balance, how lite and durable they are, the insane finishes – I am continuously blown away by these guys` work. Not to mention that they built me THE best playing and sounding fretless guitar on the market.
Every guitarist needs their instrument to inspire them, and Aristides does nothing but that. Aesthetically and sonically nothing can compare to these guitars.
Aristides guitars feel and play like no other guitar in my collection. The Arrium and richlite combo makes for an instrument with unbelievable tuning stability (especially when paired with an Evertune) which makes them an absolute joy to play live when you just want to play and not have to constantly worry about checking tuning or doing set up work.
I knew from the very first time I had an Aristides in my hands, I had to have these guitars in my arsenal. Not only is the playability and sound amongst the best I’ve ever experienced, the attention to detail and consistency is unrivaled. I know no matter what gets thrown at them on the road, it’ll be just as incredible and dependable as the day I first got it.
The Home Team
I knew as as soon as I played an Aristides for the first time that these would be the guitars for me. The comfort and playability. The bold, characteristic tone that slices through the mix. The meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. The team and the company. My playing and songwriting demand a guitar that literally does it all and Aristides delivers. You will not find a better crafted guitar out there!
Enterprise Earth
Arium rules!
My Aristides isn’t just a reliably consistent tour companion; it’s a continuous source of inspiration every time I play or write songs. Once I start jamming, I find it impossible to stop, captivated by the great feel, craftsmanship, and unparalleled playability of this guitar.
Ad Infinitum
I really couldn’t believe it. Now I have an eternal love for these flawless instruments, serving me as my most powerful tool of creativity and songwriting.
Every guitar I’ve ever owned and loved came with some sort of compromise, whether that be finish, build materials, playability, reliability, or otherwise. When I got my 060r, the search for the perfect guitar was complete. This thing is sonically unmatched, the attention to detail and build quality is perfect, the setup is rock solid, and the finish is stunning. It’s totally unique, inspiring, and is an absolute pleasure to pick this guitar up and play. The Aristides family is such a wholesome community to be a part of!
“A bunch of top tier guitars walked into the recording studio, and the Aristides got every second of recording time, both dirty and clean, true story…”
Green Eyes Traitor
“These guitars are 100% the move. Perfectly crafted, stunning, machines of a caliber I believe no other maker is touching in terms of quality and reliability. I’m here to stay!”
Scorched Mind
From the moment I picked up my Aristides it re-ignited my addiction to playing like it was the first “proper” electric guitar I had ever owned! Once you’ve heard and played an Arium built guitar it’s hard to look at other instruments the same. Proud to be involved with a company who perpetually seeks to innovate and produce guitars that are nothing short of a work of art!
The Aristides line of guitars has ended a lifelong search for the “Unicorn” of instruments. The guitars are impossibly expressive and articulate. I am astonished by the tonal presence and resonance. You can literally feel them resonate in your gut whether plugged in or not. It’s hard to believe how well these instruments hold their intonation while out on the road. The team at Aristides is like no other when it comes to support. Well done, Aristides. Well done.
Aristides is going to take us into the future. The insane attention to detail, the mathematically perfect construction, complete resistance to whatever climate you throw at it, and one of the smartest run companies I’ve ever seen. When you play it you can feel the whole guitar resonating in your hands, there isn’t a single wonky fret or weak spot. You can feel every note vibrating as you play while you stare at the neck and admire the construction. I am proud that this guitar will outlive me and all of my future children; it will be the single most proud object of my entire existence.
Four Stroke Baron
Aristides Guitars are the way of the future. My 060 and H/06 are not only works of art, they are precision instruments that have been crafted with the highest attention to detail. The design is outstanding in both cases, and the combination of high-end hardware and masterful fretwork make them amongst the finest instruments you can find
Cynic, Severed Savior
Having several friends in the industry who swear by Aristides Guitars, I was curious to see if they were going to live up to all the hype. My first experience actually sitting down with one was at NAMM 2016 and I’ve been hooked ever since. They instantly surpassed my expectations in terms of feel and overall tonality, even when played acoustically. On top of that, I live in a climate that is extremely unforgiving for wooden instruments, and this has been the answer to all my qualms both at home or on the road when there are climate changes week to week. You take it out of the case and regardless of where you are or where you came from, it’s instantly inspiring to pick up and ready to go. Aristides are the real deal.
Aristides Guitars: Keeping me financially unstable since 2016 and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Torrential Rain
Exceptional playability and ergonomics, magnificent tones and resonance, breathtaking aesthetics… these are just some of the features which make Aristides my top choice to help me achieve my musical goals.
Aristides are in the upper echelon of guitars for a reason. I’ve never played one that wasn’t incredible and I am BEYOND lucky to work with such a wonderful company full of amazing people and guitars alike!
Carcosa, Angelmaker
You need to play an Aristides to believe it. Having very limited access to high-end instruments in India, I decided to take the plunge and order an Aristides in 2017 after watching a ton of Youtube videos. The minute I played one, life literally changed for me. The tuning stability (super, super important to me), resonance, and clarity is just unmatched. Great tools are meant to give you the freedom to create freely and not have to worry about silly things that can break your flow and Aristides DELIVERS. Not to mention how cool they LOOK!
When you pick up an instrument, you want it to have “Mojo”, you want that instrument to inspire you, you want it to be an extension of your musical creativity. When I first picked up an Aristides, I was instantly entranced by this instrument, from the construction of it, to the inherent inspiration that these instruments radiate. These guitars feel like an extension of your body. This instrument has never hindered me in any way, shape, or form, and that’s so important. I think an instrument should let you release your full musical potential, and this guitar undoubtedly does that for me. I think Arium is the future, and I’ve never believed in a product as much as I believe in Aristides Instruments.
Skyhaven, Cray
The 080S was my dream guitar when Aristides announced its development, and after being lucky enough to receive one of the first ever run it has never let me down! I’ve gotten a ton of milage out of it these past few years due to its incredible versatility, even though it’s a wild and unorthodox guitar to have as a main instrument… I even play it for 6-string scenarios. Aristides guitars are built with such care and solidity, too. The road reliability is insane.
Aristides guitars are next level! They encapsulate everything I look for not just in an instrument, but in a team/infrastructure behind it. Aristides’ quality is represented by its ultimate craftsmanship and wide functional range, paired with unreal aesthetic options. However what really sets them aside is the unrivaled customer service. Since 2017 I’m proud to call Aristides not only the best guitar brand I’ve ever represented, but also family.
When I first got an Aristides it changed my whole outlook on guitars. Having these instruments in particular feel like a tool in my playing and feel like an extension of myself! The attention to details are immaculate and the fact you can make fully custom to your own preference instruments is a game changer. Paired with Evertune and Fishman my Aristides T/0 is an absolute weapon and I couldn’t be more stoked to call it my own!
Signs Of The Swarm
The first time I got in touch with an Aristides, I knew these guitars would be an absolute endgame for me. I truly fell in love with the satin-finished necks, their profiles, and the craftsmanship. Each instrument is a masterpiece with the highest playability, an outrageous amount of sustain, and the most gorgeous and unique finishes! I’m truly honored to be part of the Artist team, and I’m more then excited for Aristides’ future.
Sugar Spine, Sietse de Krieger, Crisis Theory
All guitar players who play with 7, 8, or 9 strings are always looking for this amazing tight low end that only Aristides gives you. It is the perfect combination of design, touch, and sound.
I’ve played all of the top tier wood guitars currently available, it was hard to feel a large difference between them, until I tried an Aristides…. Nothing felt nearly as good in my hands, these space age guitars are superior in every way!
Aristides’ guitars are incredibly consistent guitars and play really loud acoustically. I consider myself fortunate to be able to play these guitars and to be able to work with Aristides, and the guitars and company will always hold a special place in my heart.
Prawg Dawg
Every model I own is something truly special, and every time I pick up one of these guitars, I know: Cool guitar, awesome instrument. It’s exactly the feeling others get when they sit in a Ferrari or something like that.
Torrential Rain
Ever since I held an Aristides instrument in my hands at NAMM 2020 I instantly fell in love with the craftsmanship and attention to detail while still maintaining a clear and resonant sound. That’s not a combination that is this common in the guitar industry anymore. After speaking with the awesome guys at Aristides we designed my dream guitar which exceeded any expectations in playability, aesthetics and sound.These guys are the real deal and I’m honoured to be a part of the team.
Modern technical music requires the right tools for the job, and Aristides guitars check all the boxes and surpass all of my expectations. I always heard amazing things about them being at the forefront of innovation and when I first got the chance to test one out in 2017, I instantly knew these were the guitars for me. I find their instruments effortless to play and they inspire new ideas and facilitate complete creativity on the instrument for me.
Having discovered Aristides guitars at MusikMesse 2015, I was blown away by the pristine tone and the attention to detail of the instruments. After learning that no wood was used, but a material called ‘Arium’, I realised that these are the guitars of the future. From perfect tonal balance, to the feel and even the aesthetics, Aristides create the best guitars available for all situations.
I feel like my quest for the best instrument has come to an end with Aristides. The first time I played one, I immediately felt that these guitars were totally different and unique, just like the amazing people behind them. Unmatched resonance, unbelievable sustain, perfect playability, attention to details.. These are some of the words that comes to mind, and why I couldn’t be happier than being part of the Aristides family.
Valère Coignet
I discovered Aristides somewhere in 2014 and the concept intrigued me instantly. After attending a factory tour and getting the opportunity to play one live I was practically sold. The quality, playability and overall idea behind the guitars are in my opinion unmatched!
Dr. Peacock, Jochem Thomas, Hibakusha
I was instantly hooked when I first laid my hands on an Aristides at NAMM 2017. Their unparalleled stability, durability, sound, and exceptional craftsmanship makes them the best instruments out there, surpassing any competitors. Beginning with the 080S as my first build in 2017, I have proudly added the 060, multiple 070’s, and an H/0 to my arsenal. Not only are the instruments amazing, but the crew behind them is the best around, accommodating any ideas that I have and turning them into reality. I am super happy to be part of the Aristides family and immensely proud to declare myself an Arium Addict!
”I have always been intrigued by the incredible engineering that went into the design of these guitars, but what truly won me over is Aristides’ unwavering commitment to precision and flawless craftsmanship. The result is a guitar that plays exceptionally well, and all notes ring in such a beautiful and uniform way, that I have never experienced on any other guitar. I will never forget the experience of picking up my first Aristides.”
Feather Mountain
Believe the hype! The lifelong search for the perfect guitar finally ended when I got my 060r in my hands. Unrivalled playability, resonance, cut & finish, with an amazingly sleek, ergonomic, futuristic feel. The whole experience from discussing ordering to getting one in your hands is second-to-none. The only issue is once you have one, you’ll want more!
A guitar to me, should feel like an extension of the mind and body: a near-spiritual link between one’s spark of creativity, and the visceral experience of playing music. Aristides has managed to achieve this with their guitars – encapsulating what makes up the best guitars in the world, and putting it together in a way that just works. My Aristides is a guitar I can fully trust to bring out my best and most musical self.
“These guys are the future of guitars. No wood, self invented material, sleek design and tremendous playability.
Skyharbor, Dayce
With my 060, no more compromises. Arium has that extra something, that clarity that is unique to the brand. When you add to this an outstanding resonance and perfect stability, flawless playability and pristine build quality, you get an exceptional instrument, a true piece of art.