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You need to play an Aristides to believe it. Having very limited access to high-end instruments in India, I decided to take the plunge and order an Aristides in 2017 after watching a ton of Youtube videos. The minute I played one, life literally changed for me. The tuning stability (super, super important to me), resonance, and clarity is just unmatched. Great tools are meant to give you the freedom to create freely and not have to worry about silly things that can break your flow and Aristides DELIVERS. Not to mention how cool they LOOK!

Sanjay Kumar


Sanjay is a 30-year-old guitarist based in Bangalore, India. He is the mastermind and one-man army of the prog metal project Foi. Having been associated with the Indian Music Scene for the past 10 years, he works as a producer, teacher, live/studio guitarist.

He is self-taught and is very passionate about spreading practical usable music lessons/ideas and making learning music easy for anyone who is interested through his online music school and clinics/workshops.

Sanjay is also a producer and works extensively on different genres of music constantly for various projects. He has toured the world as a session guitarist for big names in India such as The Raghu Dixit Project.

As Foi, he currently has 2 full-length albums, 2 EPs, and 3 singles out in just 3 years. He also makes videos on his Foi youtube channel regularly with content that includes lessons, breakdowns of songs, and more which are aimed at helping young guitar players understand the process of modern-day music-making.