Aristides guitars

Nothing More’s New Album - The Stories We Tell Ourselves - Out Now - Top 15 US Billboard

​Nothing More are a band that never take no for an answer, and that’s no more apparent than on their new album “The Stories We Tell Ourselves.”

Nothing More’s relentless work ethic for over a decade led to the breakout success of their 2014 self-titled album, and have since continued to combine pop sensibilities with experimentation in arrangement, emotional honesty in songwriting, and creative, high energy, borderline-absurd stage shows.

Guitarist Mark Vollelunga is one of our longest-running artists, and we are very proud to help him on his journey to push barriers and deliver quality and unique music time and time again.

Not only do Aristides guitars withstand the beating Mark throws at them; we have also developed prototype 060s equipped with Evertune bridges just for him that he is helping test so that we may one day offer them to customers as well.

Be sure to check out Mark on tour and catch his creative playstyle in person, as well as pick up their US Billboard 200 charted album The Stories We Tell Ourselves.