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New Artist Announcement - Andrew W. Murdock

Meet the Man behind Murdock13

This year has already been incredibly eventful for us here with more amazing builds, a very successful NAMM and to top it off, some of the Industry's best joining the ranks. That's right, the Artitsts who help spread the good word and deliver blistering performances on their Aristides Guitars.

One of our new Artists is the Chicago based Andrew W. Murdock, who spearheads the Metal Project: Murdock13

I recently caught up with Andy to delve into the Man behind the Music! Not only is he a killer player and venerable songwriter, but also a genuinely awesome guy who also happens to have one of the most amazing collection of Aristides Guitars ever seen!! He's constantly pushing the boundaries with finishes and specs and on behalf of the rest of us mortals, we salute you!!

Here's what he had to say:

1. So Andy, many of us in the community know you and your excellent work, but why don't you tell us more about Murdock13?

“Well, after my last band split, I took a break from all things music for a couple of years to focus on family. I grew up on metal, but I had spent the previous decade in a punk band so I kinda felt I'd lost my way a bit. After I got my first Aristides in 2015, it really inspired me get back into the metal groove. That's when I started Murdock 13. I wanted to do something that was kinda raw and gritty but not super heavy. I wanted my influences to show while still retaining my sound and playing style. The result was Escape the Aftermath, which I released in 2017. It was a very cathartic experience. After its initial release, I took a few months of before I started writing for the follow up album, Hunter. I feel it's a much better record all around. I'm a huge nerd and a fan of sci-fi and horror stuff so I themed the whole album after one of my favorite shows, Supernatural. Ya, like I said, huge nerd. "

2. What drives you and motivates you to write? Where does the inspiration come from?

“I’m not a very emotional writer, unless I have something specific to get out. Hunter was inspired by the show Supernatural. I really tried my best to let the stories and characters dictate the direction of the album. Obviously, there's other inspiration in there. I made a deal with my wife that she gets one song on every album written just for her, and those I always approach differently. "

3. As a Newly fledged Aristides artist, what about the Guitars and the company made you want to work with us?

“Back in 2015 I came across a video of Fred Brum playing an 070 and thought, 'What the fuck is that?' I searched the company and then found Timo Somers' video of 24 Carat. I sent email inquiry before the video even finished playing. I was intrigued by the whole process and figured I'd take a chance. After I had established a relationship with Pascal, I knew I had made the right choice. Even back then, the flexibility of options, and customer service were top notch, and that's only gotten better since. "

4. Talk us though your arsenal and what's coming up in the future for you, build wise?

“Lol, ya, give me like ayear to get that list together for you. I’m a six string player so I only play 060’s and 020’s. I have 2 main guitars that use I use for all my rhythm. That’s the matte black 060 and the lilac/purple burst 060. Most people know that one. I use my 020’s primarily for leads as well as the galactic sparkle, since it’s an HSS set-up. I recently got my first 060s and I love it. I plan to use that a lot for rhythm tracking on the next album. I currently have 6 builds in production. I like to keep my specs under wraps, so I won’t go into too much detail. You can expect the usual weird shit, though. I do have a 060 Murdock 13 themed build in the works, though. Red sparkle with black burst. Custom inlay and plots.

5. Your new Album has been a staple on my playlist now since its release, seriously Top 5 this year so far! How do you find it writing all the parts and recording everything at your studio?

“Wow. Thank you. I'm honored you'd say that. I find the whole process to be quite overwhelming at times. Mostly because I put unrealistic expectations on myself and then get super stressed when I can't meet them. Writing everything is always the easiest part. On the flipside, I like doing everything myself because the only ego I have to compete with is my own. This usually works out ok. Tracking takes the most time and I can work through the post-production relatively quickly. My biggest problem is finding the time. Between family, my day job, and the studio, I'm stretched pretty thin. I really try and schedule everything the best I can. "

6. Do you foresee taking Murdock 13 out on the road at all?

“I don't. I'm pretty happy with where it is currently. I'm about maxed out with the amount of time I can spend on music and still maintain my daily life. Don't get me wrong, if the opportunity presented itself where I could do that without restructuring my entire life, I absolutely would.

7. What’s next? Any hints at new music yet?

“For sure. I plan to begin writing for the next album in the coming weeks. Things got a bit delayed for me this year, so I'm a bit behind. The next album, Cobra, should be out early next year. "

8. I've left the most important question for last, Hot dogs or Burgers?

“Hahaha. Uh...I'm a vegetarian so I'm gonna say pizza. "

You can check out the new album - Hunter here on Murdock13's Bandcamp page. Follow Andy and Murdock13 on Social Media for news, music and of course his Army of Aristides.