Aristides guitars

Monday Musings

New website. New blog. New Factory. New Models. It's all happening....

Skyharbor are out there right now, Monuments have just kicked off after their latest release; Phronesis. Intervals just hit up Asia and Australia and our own Paul DeMaio just killed it at ForceFest in Mexico. Angelmaker kick off a tour in 2 days and promise to bring some brutality to your ears ahead of their new Album coming soon. Spiritbox are releasing some amazing work and Nothing More are shooting a new music video which is very special to me personally, but you'll see why soon enough...

The big move to the new Factory has been a major part of this summer and with it brings excitement and a drive to push the boundaries we continually obliterate. Essentially being able to custom design our factory layout will make the build process more streamlined. I can't wait to get back over to see the new place!

So just a gentle push back into the world of the blog for now. Keep an eye out for upcoming artist tours, releases, news, occasional silliness and lots of beautiful new builds!