“I feel like my quest for the best instrument has come to an end with Aristides. The first time I played one, I immediately felt that these guitars were totally different and unique, just like the amazing people behind them. Unmatched resonance, unbelievable sustain, perfect playability, attention to details.. These are some of the words that comes to mind, and why I couldn’t be happier than being part of the Aristides family.”

Valère Coignet

Valère Coignet


I’m a guitarist and composer with a passion for creating progressive metal music with a cinematic flair. Fueled by a love for guitars and gear, I’m always seeking the perfect tone and drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres. Constantly striving to push my creative boundaries, I pour my heart into everything I do, whether I’m lost in a riff or on my 150th take of a solo.


My musical journey began under the pseudonym “Valzore,” exploring my style with intricate melodies and powerful rhythms. As I dive deeper into a more refined and mature sound, I’m excited for what’s next. I invite you to join me on this evolving journey, now under my real name, Valere Coignet.

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