“The first time I got in touch with an Aristides, I knew these guitars would be an absolute endgame for me. I truly fell in love with the satin-finished necks, their profiles, and the craftsmanship. Each instrument is a masterpiece with the highest playability, an outrageous amount of sustain, and the most gorgeous and unique finishes! I’m truly honored to be part of the Artist team, and I’m more then excited for Aristides’ future.”

Sietse de Krieger

Sugar Spine, Sietse de Krieger, Crisis Theory


Sietse de Krieger (Born 22/05/2002) is a Dutch Modern Metal Guitarist who has performed in multiple bands throughout his young career. At the age of 7, Sietse’s Dad got him into playing electric guitar and introduced him to various metal bands. Since then, he’s been building his musical knowledge, all whilst immersing himself in all types of metal. After years of practise and developing his own taste in the world of metal music, Sietse found an affinity in music production. On realising the potential this had for his career as a modern musician, this moment was the start of a new chapter. 
 As a Solo Artist, Sietse likes to integrate the heaviness of modern metal with engaging elements of today’s electronic sounds to create heavy, but accessible music. Collaborating with different enthusiastic artists is what brings him joy and fuels his passion. His O7OS, loaded with the BKP Juggernauts, is his go-to for his upcoming EP’s. These will encompass a broad spectrum of today’s modern metal with his own unique twist. 
Not only as a Solo Artist, Sietse can be heard live performing within ‘Sugar Spine’, an Australian-Dutch Metallic Hardcore band, where he rips the stage with his O6O loaded with the Fishman Fluences. You can also hear him on all the records of the new Metal Producer Collective ‘Crisis Theory’. To keep an eye on his journey as an artist, follow Sietse on his social platforms.

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