““A bunch of top tier guitars walked into the recording studio, and the Aristides got every second of recording time, both dirty and clean, true story…””

Jeffrey Wong

Green Eyes Traitor


Originally from Hong Kong, Jeff Wong moved to Melbourne Australia at the age of 10, picked up his first guitar and discovered his passion for heavy music. He is the lead guitarist of the Australian metalcore band Green Eyes Traitor. Formed in 2021, the band released their debut EP “Created In Their Image” in 2023, and are set to release their first full-length studio album. 

“Being guitarist, we are all a bit promiscuous in nature, always wanting to try out new guitars, constantly going down the rabbit hole and non stop searching for “the one”. To most, the search is probably the “funnest” part of being a guitarist, but Aristides unapologetically and ruthlessly took the “fun” part out for me and sated my curiosity. Thank you very much Aristides…” 

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