“Arium rules!”

Jackel Pun


Jackel Pun (born 19 May 1994) from Hong Kong is a piano, guitar, drums player and songwriter. He started playing the guitar when he was 16 years old, also with the music theory that he learned from playing classical piano.

In 2013 he went on to becoming a founding member of the Hong Kong progressive metal band Qollision, and now he is forming another new band and working on his solo project. Aside from that Jackel has become one of the most popular Asian guitarists on YouTube with his spot on covers from renowned metal bands.

“I have to say that Aristides guitars are the best guitars I have ever played, I have never tried guitars before that had this crazy resonance, sustain and super tight low end, it’s an all round guitar which you can just get what pickups you like and you will get the tone that you want! What I love are the materials on these guitars which are arium and richlite, my neck hasn’t moved even a bit for at least for a year now and that’s a great aspect for me, especially considering the weather in Hong Kong or for when I’m traveling/touring with these guitars!”

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