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“The Aristides tend to sound a lot more even and well rounded all over the neck. The low strings especially tend to cut and stand out in the mix even more as well. I’ve played wooden guitars my whole life and really didn’t think an Aristides would sound good at all until I picked one up.”

Zach Householder


​Zach Householder plays in American Deathcore greats Whitechapel. Whitechapel have been at the forefront of aggressive 7 string music for over a decade, presenting a unique and evolving combination of brutal songwriting, deathmetal riffs, and creative use of 3 guitar players. Zach’s rhythmic playing contributes to a technical yet raw sound that repeatedly catapults an extreme metal genre into the Billboard 200.

Aristides Instruments is proud to provide Zach with guitars that withstand the rigors of constant touring in a heavy band, that are also consistent between the studio and stage.