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‘’I feel like my quest for the best instrument as come to an end with Aristides. The first time I played one, I immediately felt that these guitars were totally different and unique, just like the amazing people behind them. Unmatched resonance, unbelievable sustain, perfect playability, attention to details.. These are some of the words that comes to mind, and why I couldn't be happier than being part of the Aristides family.’’



Valère Coignet is a french guitarist and composer born in 1996. He starts playing guitar at age 7 in rock and metal styles and begins to compose in High-School. He joins the Conservatory in Amplified Music and obtains a "Musical Studies" certificate few years later, as well as a professional “Rock Guitar” certificate with Berklee Online. During this period, he plays in several musical projects including an orchestra. His style evolving towards instrumental progressive metal, he creates a solo project under the pseudonym "Valzore" and releases his first EP “Just a Step Away” in late 2019. Soon after, he's invited to play one of his songs in Paris for the final of the United Guitars Contest 2020. From there, he begins to make songs and guitar demos for multiple french guitar shop, joins "The Electric Barock Quartet" and tour for the first time with them playing baroque pieces. Lately, he makes video lessons for the french magazine "Guitare Xtreme" and is now part of the United Guitars project alongside 30+ french and international guitarists for a 4th album which will be released at the end of 2022.