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My Aristides continues to be an inspiration each time I pick it up, and I have played a
lot of guitars. It’s true that some guitars are great in certain aspects, but an Aristides is
just an excellent all-around guitar with huge resonance, sustain, playability, and most
importantly, the stability that you can depend on, helping you dedicate your sole focus
on creating and playing music. Not to mention, it is so beautifully made with superior
craftsmanship that I can’t help but feeling good vibes playing it and strive to improve
myself to be worthy of such magnificent instruments.

Trung Tone


Trung Tone is a guitarist, songwriter and producer from Hanoi, Vietnam. He is known for
starting several metal/hardcore bands in Vietnam and most notably “WINDRUNNER”,
which became one of the first Vietnamese metal bands to sign with an American record
label and toured internationally alongside bands of an international caliber such as
Emmure, Attila, Secrets, Mayday Parade and many more. Trung has established
himself as a prominent figure in the Vietnamese heavy music scene with projects
branching into various styles of music. Aristides Instruments is the perfect example of
innovation and excellence that is the aspirations for Trung’s work:

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