Aristides guitars

“The first time I saw an Aristides Instruments was at Messe in Frankfurt in 2010. “Ok, that one looks awesome, let’s ask the guy what is so special about it” - “just try it “ - The guy said. I did… They spoiled Messe for me that year. I turned into that annoying guy who cannot stop playing at the music store again. I mean, the craftsmanship, the sound, the endless sustain - yes, I said endless! - the tone, those harmonics, how it felt in my hands, the resonance… These guys build the best guitars I have ever played, by far… and as a professional guitar player I’ve played and owned pretty much every high-end guitar on the market. Since I own my first OIO, I started to sell all my other guitars. They were just collecting dust for years…”

Sergio Klein


Music score composer, producer, performer, session musician, instructor and lately also music book author and masterclass docent - Sergio R. Klein dedicates his life to music and its study since a very young age. He started out by playing and studying piano at the state conservatory of his hometown Osorno, in the far south of Chile when he was seven years old. He chose piano at that time, after discovering and becoming obsessed with Beethoven’s music after listening to a few cassettes he found in some boxes forgotten at his parent’s house. Years went by, when another revelation manifested itself in Sergio’s ears: someone showed him “Appetite for destruction” from Guns n’ roses… the electric guitar took property of Sergio’s brain forever. “THAT!!! what is that???!! , THAT is what I want to do, That is what I’ve been wanting to do all the time and I didn’t know it!”

He finally got his first guitar, in between he was borrowing any guitar he could get his hands on - he even started to build his own, with the guidance from his musicteacher from school. His parents just saw how dead-serious he was about playing the instrument.
He was thirteen a that time. He took lessons at the same conservatory where he had been learning piano - classic guitar lessons. Electric guitar he learned by ear at first, copying his idols: Slash, Marty Friedman, Dimebag Darrell, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. He also formed a cover band right away - 90’s Rock and Metal started blasting out of Sergio’s parent’s small backyard warehouse, while his mother baked cake for the band in the kitchen…

When his family moved into another city, he took proper electric guitar lessons in a
local university. After a couple of months he was already filling in for his
teacher at the university. He was sixteen years old. He also formed a new band
and recorded his first album with them- they played their own songs only.
At eighteen he started studying classic composition at the university while maintaining his electric guitar studies with his private teacher.

Then he
added a jazz, pop and latin electric guitar major to his musical formation. He
finished the 6 years career in three - a couple of months later he moved to
Germany, where he started out a music composition company called “Artshock-Studios”.
Sergio also started to play and record guitar right away for many bands from
diverse musical styles: latin-rock, latin-dance music, heavy metal, jazz
fusion, ska… you name it. He also recorded albums and ep’s with most of them.
He has been touring Europe regularly since then.

In 2010 he played an Aristides Instruments for the first time and was shocked. Sergio got
an endorsement from the company and got his first OIO. He never used any other
guitar again. He recorded everything with this guitar from that moment on. The
first LP from his metal band at that time, The Outside, was recorded with his
OIO. This work got very good reviews. The guitar sound and performance being
the most celebrated. Some big heavy metal magazines named Sergio as the best european
heavy metal player of that year.

In 2015 he joined Criminal, one of the most important south american heavy metal bands.
They have been sole support act for bands like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth,
etc. They have played for non-festival-crowds as big as 55.000 and also the
biggest festivals like Wacken, Brutal Assault, etc… His first album with
Criminal - “Fear Itself” - was released the same year by Metal Blade Records
receiving very good critics. They launched their release with a south american
tour and various festivals and performances in the EU. In 2015 Sergio also gave
a series of “Outside Harmony and Harmonic Axioms” masterclasses in universities
in Chile and also finished working on his first music book “How to master Chord
Changes and Harmony”.