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I’ve played and owned many guitars since I started playing, but Aristides instruments hold a truly unique space in the boutique guitar world. They’re easily the most innovative guitar company I’ve encountered, both in terms of how they build their guitars and how they interact with their customers. The integrity of these instruments is unmatched, and the attention to detail is extremely rewarding for the player; I feel like the transparency of how I hit the strings is extremely accurately relayed to the pickups and amp, which is really important to me. These things give a vibe that’s undeniable, and I’m incredibly stoked every time I pick up my axe. Arium is the way.

Riley Selleck


Riley Selleck is a guitarist and drummer from Denver, CO who heads the metal act Lightstory. His musical inclination began at a young age, and by the time he was 13 he was primarily playing drums while gathering immense interest in guitar.

Throughout high school, he played in marching band and developed his skills on the marimba, and after going to music school at DU he joined various bands playing guitar, drums, and bass. After touring with the band Source for the better part of two years, he now plays with multiple groups centered around Denver.

Lightstory showcases Riley’s technical tendencies with a focus on guitar playing, and Aristides is at the heart of his inspiration and sound. The style of his writing covers a lot of ground in terms of diversity but has the common glue of technicality and extended technique. Aristides Instruments provide the perfect guitar for him to do his thing, regardless of playing style.