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‘‘A guitar to me, should feel like an extension of the mind and body: a near-spiritual link between one’s spark of creativity, and the visceral experience of playing music. Aristides has managed to achieve this with their guitars - encapsulating what makes up the best guitars in the world, and putting it together in a way that just works. My Aristides is a guitar I can fully trust to bring out my best and most musical self.’‘

Paul Ozz


Paul Ouzounov (born 19 September, 1991) is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. Paul started playing guitar when he was 12 years old and began his musical career when he was 15 years old. Joining small local bands, he played on several tours, and created his YouTube channel all the while honing his craft. When he was approaching the end of high school, he had the opportunity with the Sarah McLachlan Music School to open for The Canadian Tenors, Sheryl Crow, Neil Young, as well as Sarah McLachlan herself - an experience which ignited his passion for the guitar even further. Meeting these legendary musicians gave him a clear understanding about what was most important in his life: Music.

Whilst learning how to play the guitar and developing a humble YouTube following, Paul started releasing guitar-centered progressive metal music under the moniker ‘Paul Ozz’. This lead to two instrumental metal albums, ‘Fear the Angels’ in 2011, and ‘Land of Secrets’ in 2013.

Paul completed the Berklee Guitar Master Certificate program in Spring of 2016 and immediately went to work on his vocal debut E.P, ‘TARTARVS’, released that Summer, and the single ‘Demimonde’ in early 2017. After successful and well-received releases, he plans on making new music and bringing it to the stage.