Aristides guitars

​“The first time I picked one up, I remember it being really well constructed, very loud acoustically, and really solid and reassuring to play. I was having some issues with my guitars, and Pascal hooked me up with an 070 to take on the road with me. Straight from the case to the stage it worked fantastically. It sounded great, stayed in tune. They’re a joy to play and inspiring to play every time.”

Olly Steele


Olly Steele, like fellow artist Adam Swan, plays in British tech-metal giants MONUMENTS. Known for their intricate song structures and guitar intensity, Olly needed something that could keep up with his intense playing style. Their sound is characterized by punchy, aggressive mids,and percussive tones on Extended Range Guitars, and Olly puts puts both the 070 and 080 to use for that. He’s also in the progress of writing and recording a solo album.