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‘Every time when I’m looking for a new instrument, I’m looking for something that will step my game up. Sound-wise, playability-wise, aesthetically, something that will challenge me to become a better player. Aristides fully delivers on every level, they build high quality guitars which are created with great craftmanship, killer looks and a sound that will cut through a mix perfectly. Combine that with a great crew who makes you feel at home every visit to their factory, crack dick jokes left and right but at the same time handle such a ridiculous high standard in production of their instruments and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. This truly is the future of heavy guitar playing.’

Nick Van Noort


Nick van Noort is a dutch guitar player most known for playing in the Extreme Modern Metal band Divine Sins. Starting to play the guitar at the age of 15 he quickly created a strong passion for the instrument and extreme music alike.

Divine Sins, a Dutch modern extreme metal band hailing from dBs in Utrecht, started in 2007. They earned themselves a firm place in the Dutch metal community with their first recordings ‘And the Rest is Silence…’ EP in 2009 and ‘Nature of Man’ EP (VHmetal Records) in 2011. This resulted in various headline gigs and shows as support act for international acts such as Suicide Silence, Obituary, Unearth and Textures. On May 2nd, 2015 they released their first full-length, ‘AKUMA’: a furious piece of metal about the strife for self-realization of the individual in an oppressive society. The sound captured is a new perspective on the band’s trademark mix of various extreme metal genres with a focus on accessibility, melody and groove. They are experienced musicians with an energetic and aggressive live show with a hardcore attitude. A professional performance that engages the audience and leaves them excited for more!