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​‘The moment I sat down with this bass, I was certain it was the bass I had been looking for. It is a beast! The tone is remarkable! Not to mention it just looks mean! It has been the biggest part of my sound for 6 years now and will remain that way.’

Mitch Stewart


Mitch Stewart is the bass player for American rockers Circle II Circle and tours the world with his Aristides 050 five string bass.

Aside from his work with Circle II Circle Mitch is also a renowned session player and touring with several solo projects.
Here’s a list of some of Mitch work over the years:

Bands Include: Circle II Circle (04 - Still)
TNA Wrestling - Songwriter For Ring Entrances (2007 - 2010)
The Element (08 - Still)
WWE Wrestling - Songwriter For Ring Entrances (2010 - Still)
Steelheart (2015 - Still)
Dreamcasters Symphony Orchestra (2014 - Still)
Recordings Include:
Mitch Stewart / Kurt Allison - Waiting For Yesterday (1996) (song for “The Ticking Man” / Movie) {Vocals}

Overture - Overture (1997) Full CD {Recorded/Mixed/Produced by Tom Kiefer and Fred Coury / Cinderella} {Vocals/Songwriter}

Radio Knowledge - Radio Knowledge (1998) Full CD {Producer/Songwriter/Guitars/Vocals}

Overture - Fly Again (2001) Single {Songwriter/Vocals}

Circle II Circle - Middle Of Nowhere (2005) Full CD {Bass}

Circle II Circle - Burden Of Truth (2006) Full CD {Songwriter-100% of music/Bass/Rhythm Guitars/Keys}

R-Truth (Ron Killings / WWE Superstar) - You Can’t Stop Me (featuring “What’s Up” - Ring Entrance Music) (2007) Full CD {Producer/Engineer}

Circle II Circle - Delusions Of Grandeur (2008) Full CD {Producer/Main Songwriter - 100% of music/Bass/Rhythm Guitars/Keys}

Won a “Slammy” award for R-Truth’s Entrance music, “What’s Up” in 2008

Tomorrow’s Eve - Tales From Serpentia (2009) Full CD {Spoken / Main Character}

Paul Michael Stewart - Train Of Fate (2009) Single {Music for "Venice Bound" / Movie} {Songwriter/All Music}

Paul Michael Stewart - Hear It (2009) Single {Music for "Venice Bound" / Movie} {Songwriter/All Music}

Circle II Circle - Consequence Of Power (2010) Full CD {Producer/Main Songwriter-100% of music/Bass/Rhythm Guitars/Keys}

R-Truth - Right Time (2010) Single (WWE Ring Entrance Music) {Songwriter/Engineer/Producer}

The Element - From Sand Pt 1 (2011) {Songwriter/Producer/Bass}

R-Truth - You Suck (2011) Single (WWE Bad Guy Ring Entrance Music)

Circle II Circle - Seasons Will Fall (2013) Full CD (Main Songwriter-90 % of music/Producer/ Bass/Rhythm Guitars/Keys)

Dreamcasters Symphony Orchestra - Canon By Candlelight (2015) FULL CD (Songwriter/Lead Vocals/Most music)

Circle II Circle - Reign Of Darkness (2015) FULL CD (Songwriter/Bassist)

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