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Max Dornauer


Max "Waxamilion" Dornauer is an Austrian musician with a penchant for technicality and genre fluidity. A jazz-trained guitarist, Max has been developing his craft since the age of six whilst living in the Alps. He has since garnered a cult following through his DIY project Waxamilion, and has collaborated with the likes of Forrest Rice (Covet), Stephen Taranto (The Helix Nebula), Richard Henshall (Haken, To-Mera,), Wes Thrailkill (Thrailkill), Travis Orbin (Periphery, Cartoon Theory), Ben Rosett (Strawberry Girls) and Dan James Griffin.

Stylistically, Max blends together the cool poise of R&B with the vivacity and immediacy of progressive rock and metal. He challenges listeners with angular and bombastic guitar lines but his additional layers of cohesive hip-hop beats mean that the sound never strays into cacophony. Max treats these seemingly disparate musical elements with care and precision, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.