Aristides guitars

​‘When I first picked up an Aristides, I was immediately blown away by how resonant and defined the guitar sounded. These guitars not only sound great, but they feel absolutely unmatched. The Aristides team are true masters of their craft and it definitely shows in their work. The quality of each instrument is mind blowing, if you haven’t tried one of these guitars, you’re missing out! I now have the guitar I have always dreamt of thanks to Aristides Instruments.’

Matt Perrin


“Matt Perrin (born January 11th, 1992) is a young Canadian shredder who started playing guitar at the age of 13.

At the age of 21, Matt joined Hamilton, Ontario based metal band Threat Signal and has been touring and recording with the band ever since. Matt is also the lead guitar player of Vancouver based metal band; AngelMaker, who gained a high amount of praise after the 2015 release of their full length album entitled “Dissentient”.’