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Aristides guitars

’ Having discovered Aristides guitars at MusikMesse 2015, I was blown away by the pristine tone and the attention to detail of the instruments. After learning that no wood was used, but a material called ‘arium’, I realised that these are the guitars of the future. From perfect tonal balance, to the feel and even the aesthetics, Aristides create the best guitars available for all situations.’

Mark Shoebottom


Mark first discovered his love for music by learning to play the saxophone at the age of 11. Having played in various classical and jazz ensembles, he developed a passion for playing and performing with other musicians. However, after being exposed to heavier music by his friends, he quickly developed an interest for the guitar. He hasn’t put the guitar down since and has been a part of multiple bands ranging in genre from indie, to RnB to metal.

After being exposed to instrumental artists such as ‘Intervals’, ‘Animals as Leaders’ and ‘Vitalism’, Mark’s writing style changed to composing melodic, instrumental music. Mark now focuses on his project, ‘Inflexion’, in which he aims to write music with strong melodic hooks with the guitar as the main instrument. He plays Aristides Instruments as they “continue to inspire new music and let him get his ultimate desired tone when recording and playing live.’‘