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​‘From the very moment i picked up the 010 I was completely sold. The brilliant tops and tight lows makes the Aristides guitars perfect for my playing. Arium sounds amazing and the stability Arium brings makes touring in the harsh climates of Norway a piece of cake. Aristides has set a new standard of perfection’

Magnus Tveiten


Magnus Tveiten is a Norwegian guitar player who plays with the highly acclaimed folk-metal band Blodsmak. In addition to playing with Blodsmak, Magnus enjoy playing a lot of different styles of music. Be it metal, fusion, country, blues or experimental improvisational stuff he always use his Aristides 010´s. His playful style of guitar playing has given him praise in the guitar community.

Selected recordings :

Blodsmak - Av Jord Er Me Komne

Blodsmak - Gjennom Marg Og Bein

In Vain - The Latter Rain