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‘​When you pick up an instrument, you want it to have “Mojo”, you want that instrument to inspire you, you want it to be an extension of your musical creativity. When I first picked up an Aristides, I was instantly entranced by this instrument, from the construction of it, to the inherent inspiration that these instruments radiate. These guitars feel like an extension of your body. This instrument has never hindered me in any way, shape, or form, and that’s so important. I think an instrument should let you release your full musical potential, and this guitar undoubtedly does that for me. I think Arium is the future, and I’ve never believed in a product as much as I believe in Aristides Instruments.’

Jake Johnston


Jake Johnston is a 17 year old American Guitar player, producer, and composer in the group Skyhaven. He found a love for music at a young age, when his father introduced him to guitar. He was taught by Tim Henson of Polyphia starting when he was 13, where he developed most of his technical and songwriting skills. Jake started Skyhaven out of his bedroom when he was 14, and eventually found other members, they quickly gained a following in the Minnesota music scene after being established. Skyhaven has gained a respectable following over the last year on various social media platforms, specifically on Youtube.

Jake’s writing crosses many genres, incorporating many electronic and pop influences, with progressive guitar playing and techniques. He wanted a guitar that could cut through the layers of synth layers and virtual instruments that are used in Skyhaven’s music, yet also be expressive in his writing. Aristides provides him with an instrument that does just that.