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''No words can truly speak to the quality of these instruments and the effort that goes in to crafting them. Sonically, structurally, aesthetically, and in any other facet you can think of, they are, quite simply, the best. I spend a lot of time out on the road, and to have a guitar that is in perfect playable condition night after night, no matter the circumstances, is priceless to me. Aristides have created guitars that are not only effortless to play, but truly bring out the best in my abilities.''

Harrison Patuto


Harrison started his journey as a musician in his early teens with his band Dissonance in Design. The group cascaded throughout the spectrum of metal genres with their material, releasing 2 EP’s and in 2013 released their highly acclaimed album “Sentient.” In 2015, Harrison joined Tech Death heavy hitters Vale Of Pnath,  taking part in an extensive touring schedule, and releasing their second studio album shortly thereafter. The group has spent their time since then crafting a follow up record and touring with the likes of Aborted, Psycroptic, Rings of Saturn, Virvum, and many more. In his time outside of Vale Of Pnath, Harrison continues to write and record content to release via his outlets, spanning the broad spectrum of sonic melodies he operates within. He needs an instrument that can bring his ideas to life and that he can rely on, no matter the situation. Aristides has done just that for him.