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‘​When I heard of Aristides, I had a feeling they might be on to something with their unusual approach - I love it when my high expectations are met by something above and beyond them, and these guitars are most certainly the case.’

Fred Brum


Fred Brum was studying to be a classical pianist when he was 15, and listened to Zakk Wylde for the first time. Months later, obsessing about getting those raw, visceral sounds out of a guitar himself, he picked up his first guitar, not knowing he’d be setting foot on a stage professionally one short year after and working as hired gun for many artists by the time he was 19.

A very busy session musician, he favours 7-strings and other extended range guitars, such as 8-strings and 36-fret monsters to perform his work and has developed his style and approach around such instruments. Fred is also the proud owner of 070 #002, the second 070 ever made.

Fred released his first solo album Atonement in 2011 and his second album Transcendence was released May 31, 2014.