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Well known and knowledgeable of the underground metal scene, Fernanda Lira drops any stereotype that girls do not know how to play heavy music. Merging energy and aggressiveness in her playing and behavior on stage, the bassist and vocalist has for several years been advocating and raising the flag of her passion for metal.

Fernanda discovered her love for music early on, being influenced to play bass at age 13 by her father, also a bassist, and also by her biggest idol since childhood: Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. Self-taught, she never attended classes to develop her technique and punch, always using with her ears and dedication as the best allies in her musical journey. Still, her ability is always well recognized in her work and her compositions stand out. “She is very creative, and the most interesting fact is that her instrument is always very audible” commented Pierre Cortes, reviewer for the most trusted heavy metal site in Latin America, Whiplash.Net.

Eliminating the use of picks and dedicated to playing with her fingers, Fernanda does not hide her biggest influences. Aside from the aforementioned, she also admires and has always been inspired by bassists like Geezer Butler, Steve Di Giorgio, Geddy Lee, Ron Royce, and Markus Grosskopf , which is reflected in her bold attempt to take down from the bass the function of only ‘checking’ the rhythm of the music.

Her vocal inspirations are completely different. She has preferred since childhood to learn how to sing by imitating her metal idols such as Tarja Turunen, Michael Kiske and Geoff Tate. However, after working with more aggressive styled vocals on one of her previous bands, she began to migrate to a different style of singing, relying mostly on great idols such as vocalists/bassists Tom Araya of Slayer, and Schmier of the thrash legends, Destruction. Fernanda started her career in bands at age 15 in a group that blended heavy with traditional melodic metal. Soon after, she formed, along with a former partner of her ex-band, the band Hellarise, with which she recorded her first audio recording, which achieved some success thanks to a record where the bass “draws attention so amazingly” (Christiano KODA, Whiplash. Net). Her former band was featured in an issue of Roadie Crew Magazine, and was selected for the Brazilian contest for the Wacken Metal Battle.

Due to personal and musical differences, Fernanda was removed from her former band, no longer wanting to follow the cliche that is emerging among bands with female components.

Judging by her way of composing, Fernanda has always maintained a preference for fast thrash metal, and, after some time away from the scene, the bassist went looking for new members to form a new metal group, this time aiming to sound that was purely thrash, and preferably old school. After several attempts, she was invited to join Nervosa, where she would become bassist and vocalist. Nervosa is conquering its space on the scene, signing major partnerships and sponsorship deals, and playing through several states in Brazil.

Currently, Fernanda Lira has been improving her old techniques and developing new ones, especially in regards to the vocal lines and compositions with Nervosa, and she also works as a musical journalist as a reporter and photographer from the UOL radio Heavy Nation, a columnist for the site Whiplash, and a reporter for the TV program, Maloik.