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​‘Over the years, as a performer and musician I’ve been looking for that one guitar that stands out from the rest. I can whole heartedly say that Aristides Instruments makes the guitar I’ve been looking for. I feel like I can trust these guitars for their superior quality, and the Arium standing the test of time. I’m very happy to be working with the greatest company in the world, and I am very excited for the future and what it holds, of course with an Aristides in my hand!’

Dominic Jadrich


Dominic Jadrich is a 20 year old American guitar player from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He currently plays guitar in the group Skyhaven. He developed a love for music at a young age, and eventually started playing guitar in 2009. Dominic was influenced by bands like August Burns Red, and Killswitch Engage when he first started playing the guitar. Providing him with an array of technical skills that would come to benefit him in the future. Dominic joined Skyhaven in 2015, after meeting other members of the band through the high school they attended. Dominic soon started exploring techniques, and various influences that he would soon incorporate into his playing in Skyhaven.

Dominic wanted a guitar that didn’t hold him back. He stated that “all my other guitars before this had some sort of compromise”. Aristides provides him with a no compromise instrument, that lets him unleash his full potential as a player, in terms of being inspired, and being able to explore the technical aspects of guitar playing. He believes this guitar brings out the most in his playing, and inspires him more than any other instrument he’s held.