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“Having played and owned more guitars than I would like to admit, after I played my first Aristides at NAMM 2016 I knew I needed one, and after receiving my 080 I'm confident that it will be the final 8 string I need to purchase… unless I order another 080."

Dean Murphy


Dean Murphy received his first guitar at the age of 12 and has been playing avidly ever since. By the time he was 14, he was already putting in hours of time a day learning different genres of music, while also working at a local music store, and by 16 he started teaching and had already been on his first music tours with the heavy metal industrial band Cellpan and another jazz duo for various occasions.

In 2009, he purchased an 8 string and discovered a whole new sonic pallet, not only for this instrument, but on a 6 and 7 string as well. With this came the beginning of the instrumental band Iodine Sky which received decent praise both in local magazines (Spot magazine, Costal Breeze) as well as gaining a good backing online. Despite being an instrumental band, they became popular enough to headline shows in their local Southwest Florida region. This is also when Dean started to realize the potential of YouTube. He was one of the first players with an 8 string guitar to show a much more versatile and chordal usage of the instrument, and due to that he quickly began receiving good feedback in regards to his playing.

Iodine Sky eventually went their separate ways due to some differing common goals, and shortly after Dean began writing his own music. It was this music that eventually became the foundation for what would become On The Shoulders of Giants, a progressive metal band drawing influence from acts ranging from Veil of Maya, to Dream Theater, to Between the Buried and Me, and countless other acts. On the Shoulders of Giants is made up of members from across the country (Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin), including Mudvayne drummer Matt McDonough, and just debuted their EP, which was produced by Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne). The 3 song EP was then mixed by Dave Fortman and mastered by Adam Ayan. Dean is also currently working on a video game cover group with On The Shoulders of Giants bassist Jon Munnier.

Having had two successful kickstarter campaign to record his first full length solo album, Point Pleasant, and his follow up EP, Bio Diversity, consisting solely of 8 string guitar, now having the CD finished Dean is currently starting to play his solo 8 string material out as well as continue to grow his youtube channel with everything from gear reviews to music videos and lessons.

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