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Every time I play my 070, I’m struck by the fact that it is the most perfectly balanced instrument I have ever played. With this, my solos are smooth without sounding ‘bubbly,’ my riffs are aggressive without sounding like I’ve just stepped on a beehive, and I’ve stopped hunting for ‘that tone.’ Aristides is ‘that tone,’ it’s ‘that feel,’ and whether I’m playing a twenty-minute concerto or a 4-minute song, I know that my Aristides is the best choice for the job.

Daniel Carpenter


Daniel Carpenter is a guitarist, songwriter, and contemporary classical composer from Birmingham, UK. He is the lead guitarist and songwriter/orchestrator of CELESTIVL, a modern symphonic metal band, and, over the years, he has performed in many ensembles, worked with artists such as Marius Danielsen, Jonathan Young, Minniva, and Chris Bowes, and has been involved with many projects including Eons Enthroned, Sabadu, Ravenous EH, and the upcoming Wizard-Metal band Expelliarmus!

Highlights of his career so far include performing in Hyde Park during the 2012 Olympics, singing at the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in 2018 and 2019, giving a friendly finger-gun point to a busker on national TV, and seeing his original music with CELESTIVL see success, with their most recent release ‘TenTimesTwo’ receiving favourable reviews, and its lead single ‘Blasphemous’ being shared by Jared Dines on his YouTube channel, as well as appearing on the VR game Groove Gunner. As a guitar player, Daniel loves to take his technique to the highest levels possible, which he displays in both his original music and his guest appearances as a soloist. Outside of rock and metal, however, he aims to be the first to bring the electric guitar into contemporary classical in a meaningful way by composing and performing highly technical, musically advanced pieces of repertoire with a variety of orchestras and ensembles.