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“With my 060, no more compromises. Arium has that extra something, that clarity that is unique to the brand. When you add to this an outstanding resonance and perfect stability, flawless playability and pristine build quality, you get an exceptional instrument, a true piece of art.”

Antoine Zimer


Antoine Zimer is a 28 years old French guitar player based in Paris. He currently plays guitar in French modern metalcore band ASHEN.

Having had a guitar in his hands for the first time at the age of 7, he developed a passion for the instrument in his teenage years, being first influenced by 1980s hard rock/blues rock/glam rock, to finally dive into modern / progressive metal in the early 2010s.
Antoine met Niels Tozer and Thibaud Poully in 2015, with whom he would later found ASHEN in 2018.

ASHEN is a rock-influenced metal band from Paris, France.
After its creation in 2018, the project quickly became a cathartic tool for its members, pushing them to develop a plural and introspective identity. Traumas, fear and anxiety are the essence of their creativity. Through each new release, the band aims to constantly reinvent itself, musically as well as visually, resorting to different identities, but also to various characters.
Their music, made up of ragged textures and evoking harrowing atmospheres, illustrates sufferings from the past and fears for the future. ASHEN deals in depth with the expression of the intense and conflicting feelings that come with living in the modern world.