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I have to say at first i was skeptical, the 050’s striking design and visual aesthetics are very different from that of traditional instruments, but then I plugged it in. I have never heard an instrument that is so in tune and sonically balanced. Because of the methods of construction and materials used the instrument is extremely resilient to temperature and humidity changes, it also resonates like nothing I have ever heard. The natural tone of the 050 has this unwavering low end and super punchy mids which has been a real game changer for our live shows, our sound guy loves this bass because he doesn’t have to do anything. The best part is you get all this in a 34” scale package!

Adam Swan


Adam Swan is an english bass player/composer best known for his work in the UK’s tech/prog metal scene. Swan found music at a young age playing keys in school, at 14 he was drawn to bass and started self teaching and soon went on to study music professionaly. After completeing college with distinction in 2010 he went on to become a founding member of the UK’s tech metal innovators MONUMENTS and later played live for Paul Ortiz’s instrumental prog metal act ChimpSpanner.

Swan states his influences as eclectic, ranging from jazz, hip-hop, funk, to alt/metal and electronic music. He became an Aristides artist in 2014 after playing the 050.