Aristides guitars

​“I need to feel comfortable and rely on the tools with which I do my job. One of the most attractive aspects of Aristides’ construction is the ability to produce consistent, high performance instruments that are resilient, reliable, sound wonderful, and are aesthetically pleasing… That pretty much put a tick in all the boxes, actually!”

Aaron Marshall


Aaron Marshall is a progressive instrumental guitarist who has been performing under the name INTERVALS since 2011. His sense of melody and acrobatic playing lend well to his genre-crossing writing style, which often combines jazz, metal, and pop. This fusion has established a wide fanbase for Intervals, and Aaron can be found performing with other artists, doing clinics, and teaching across the world.

Intervals is constantly on the road internationally. Aaron needs a guitar with a consistency of tone across venues, a great feel, and the durability to withstand climate change. Aristides Instruments is proud to provide him with guitars that not only have those qualities, but are also expressive in the studio and can bring out the most in his playing.