Aristides guitars

Throwback: Ola Englung 010 Demo!

​Want a blast from the past? Check out the wonderful Ola Englund demoing an 010! This is our first model, with rather vintage design, being used for metal! It even has an ebony fretboard and nickel frets. A couple years ago, we actually stopped using any wood or nickel frets on our guitars. All guitars come with stainless steel frets and choice of dark or light richlite board stock. We feel this not only increased durability and stability, but is further in line with our mantra of sustainability and cutting-edge materials.

Ola is a very talented guitarist that you can find playing in both The Haunted and Feared. He’s well known for his engineering prowess as well, as he gets great tones in the studio. You’ll hear some great distorted tones, as well as cleans in this demo!

I personally love seeing this demo because it shows how cool our stock specs are as well. I love all of our crazy finishes, but there’s something to be said for some Seymour Duncans and a nice matte black finish.

You may notice that we’re currently not offering the 010. We have big plans for that model, as well as other new models in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out!