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Shred Lesson: Ben Eller 070 Fallout

​Ben Eller is a guitarist and teacher based in Tennessee. Known for his funny and informative videos, killer guitar finishes, and work with Whitechapel, Andy Wood, and more, Ben is highly regarded in the guitar playing community.

Last year, Ben teamed up with Aristides to do a limited run of our guitars in “Fallout” finish. These meticulously prepared, apocalyptic finishes look amazing, and take a lot of work!

Ben recently released a solo song called “Cloud” that he recorded on his personal Fallout 070 loaded with Instrumental Pickups. We thought you’d not only like to check out his song, but see the 070 in action, so here is a lesson video on a solo piece from “Cloud.”

To hear the whole song, check it out on his Bandcamp below.

Ben Eller Bandcamp