Aristides guitars

Modern Metal Tone Demo: Jackel Pun

​Aristides artist Jackel Pun recently released a tone demo for HESU Modern 2x12 cabinets, playing a song from his band Qollision. We thought this was a great opportunity to hear some examples of why we think Arium sounds fantastic in a modern metal context. The gear used in the video is very common as well: V30 speakers and a 5150III head, so you’ll be hearing something familiar.

A reason Arium works so well for modern tones, and why customers love ordering our extended range guitars, is because it handles low tunings very well. You can hear a great example of why this is in Jackel’s demo. The tone is very thick, to an extent that in other guitars, the bass response would often be flubby. To counteract this, normally you’d have to sacrifice some of that bass in the tone. However, the Arium has a very pronounced low end, while still maintaining attack, tightness, and clarity. Overall the sound is full and well balanced. This is easy to pick out comparing how full the chugs sound and how clear the big chords are.

It’s also worth noting that the guitar is loaded with Bare Knuckle Pickups Aristides Customs. These pickups are based on a Holy Diver / Emerald set, and have been tweaked to be optimized for Aristides guitars. They have Alnico 5 magnets, so they are very organic and musical, but still retain a tight low end you may more frequently hear from ceramic pickups.

If you want to hear a guitar tuned even lower through a similar rig, check out Olly Steele playing through a Monuments song on his 080 here. Attack and a resonant low end!