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Devesh Dayal: Artist Entrance Interview

We are proud to formally announce the addition of Devesh Dayal of Skyharbor to the Aristides Instruments artist roster. Both Devesh’s melodic sensibility and aesthetic vision make us proud to support his music and work with him as an artist.

Aristides Instruments: Welcome, Dev! Great to have you aboard. How did your relationship with Aristides get started?

Devesh Dayal: Thanks! It’s great to be on board! The first Aristides I tried was John Browne’s 070 back in 2014, and I remember being completely blown away even after just spending a couple of minutes with it unplugged. After that, the constant experimentation with various specs and finishes being posted on Facebook really grabbed and kept my attention. Looking at these guitars online and wanting them all so bad made me feel like I was 12 again. Aristides singlehandedly made me more excited about guitars than I’ve been in recent memory. So I got in touch with Paul who immediately responded positively, and I started working with him and Pascal to build an incredible guitar and a solid relationship.

A: How do Aristides Instruments compare to other guitars you’ve used in stability and playability? What features are most helpful to you?

D: When I received my 070, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly balanced the guitar feels, thanks to the one piece design and top tier craftsmanship. I was blown away by everything from the intonation and the action, to the way the pickup selector and tuning pegs move. And this was all before plugging it in. Its best features are its sleek design and incredible finish, which contribute to both ease of playing and musical inspiration. The use of Arium as the foundational material is game changing, as it requires little to no maintenance, making it an ideal touring guitar.

A: Playing guitar in a band at the forefront of modern prog is very sonically demanding. How has Arium effected your tone shaping?

D: Sonically I think many would agree that Arium sounds much more full and rich than most guitars built with wood. This makes it very easy to dial in a tone with a tight bottom end and incredibly present yet smooth top end. Arium also allows for some next level sustain, which is an absolutely vital function for an electric guitar built for modern progressive rock/metal.
A: What plans do you have for your music in the near future, Skyharbor or otherwise?

D: We’re currently working on the third Skyharbor album, aiming for a release in Fall 2016. Other than that, I’m keeping busy with music school and production work.
A: Thanks for your time, Devesh. The specs on you 070 are amazing! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

D: Thank you! I can’t wait either!