Aristides guitars

Customer Profile: Trey Deschamp

Name: Trey Deschamp

Age: 21

Location: Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, USA

Model: 060 Purple Marble with Juggernauts and Gold Hardware

How Long Have You Been Playing: 4 years

What Do You Play: I was raised on hard rock and blues, then got into more progressive music. Aaron Marshall, The Periphery guitarists, and Jacky Vincent are some of my favorite players. I also love the 1975,

What Made You Want To Try Aristides: I stumbled upon a video of Misha Mansoor going over his live rig, which included an 070. Then one of my favorite YouTube guitarists, Jackel Pun, got his 070. I found the progress picsof that one on his Facebook, which amazed me! I had made a habit of buying and selling guitars to find what I like, and had just received a custom from another brand I was rather unimpressed with. I decided to give Aristides a shot!

What Do You Like About Aristides: The build quality is absolutely stunning, and it’s especially great that you can watch along the way with the progress updates! Pascal and the guys as excited as you are when you order an instrument. It’s the most positive and pain-free ordering process out there.