Aristides guitars

Customer Profile: Lucas LeCompte

Age: 28

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Models: Blue/Green Chameleon 070 w/ Bare Knuckle VHII/ColdSweat

How Long Have You Been Playing: 16 Years

What Do You Play: I mostly play progressive metal/rock. I also play a lot of alternative rock with my band Ayo. Right now I’m starting to play a lot more thrash metal like early Metallica and Rust In Peace era Megadeath.

What Made You Want To Try Aristides: One of the first times I saw an Aristides was when Misha Mansoor took pictures of his orange 060. I was just amazed at how cool and different it looked from everything else out there. I also saw a lot of pictures of them from my friends and they always raved at how awesome they were. I actually ordered my 070 without ever playing an Aristides before and it completely blew me away at how amazing it was when I got it!

What Do You Like About Aristides: They are so easy to play. The first time I played my 070 it felt effortless. The neck, frets, and even the finish they were all perfect. Ordering my 070 was also the best experience I have ever had buying anything in my life. The guys walk you through each step of the way when ordering your guitar, then when it’s being made, they send you constant updates each step of the way. One of the first things I wanted to do once I had my 070 was order another Aristides. I’m thinking an 060 and an 080S are going to be in my future!