Aristides guitars

Customer Profile: Kris Isaac

Name: Kris Isaac

Age: 23

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Model: 060 Light Blue Pearl with Juggernauts & 060 Pink Summer Pearl SSS Trilogy Suite & Apaches

How Long Have You Been Playing: 7 Years

What Do You Play: I play a lot of Metal and Classic Rock. With some new stuff thrown in too. Think Iron Maiden & Megadeth, Boston & Rush, A Day To Remember and Coheed & Cambria.

What Made You Want To Try Aristides: When I was in high school back in 2010, I saw the first model, the 010.The look was really unique, and when I read into how it’s all composite and molded I was really interested. I started saving for my first custom then. Fast forward to 2015 and I had kept in touch with Pascal a bit, and ordered my first, followed by my second! The wait was worth it. My first 060 was actually the very first one with a Richlite board. It wasn’t even an option at that point, they were experimenting with it, but I trusted the guys and I’m glad I did! My second one was inspired by Timo Somers’ signature.

What Do You Like About Aristides: The whole ordering process is awesome! Pascal is super friendly and provides a lot of updates.. He’s as excited to see what we order as we are. Ordering is less waiting, and more experience. The famous Dutch attention to detail really shines in their guitars, as well. Everything is absolutely flawless. I can’t wait to order more.