Aristides guitars

Customer Profile: Jonathan Amaral

Name: Jonathan Amaral

Age: 24

Location: Florida, United States

Model: Purple/Red Chameleon 070 w/ BKP Holy Diver/VHII, Blue Green Chameleon 060 w/ BKP Coldsweat/VHII, Satin Aqua 060 SSS w/ BKP Apaches

How Long Have You Been Playing: 9 years

What Do You Play: Instrumental Rock/Prog, Progressive/Melodic/Death Metal, Metalcore. Periphery, The Faceless, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Human Abstract, Joe Satriani, Protest The Hero, Chon, The Safety Fire.

What Made You Want To Try Aristides: I was extremely impressed when a friend would share progress on his build. Between the amount of progress made in a short time and how awesome they looked, I knew I would be in good hands once I decided to order a guitar from them. The unique materials and the amount of praise it got was amazing, and it echoes through the guitars I have. The stability is incredible and while the sound is different from what you normally play, it sounds wonderful. It mimics the sound and feel of a chambered instrument with a great amount of clarity.

What Do You Like About Aristides: Coming from a collection of wood guitars, I realize and know their faults and limits. Composite materials have always been a point of interest for me, the stability is one of the first and major reasons that attracted me to Aristides. The customer service is unparalleled, I’ve owned a lot of different guitars and never have I had an experience this transparent, this easy and without worry. After owning one, I love that they focus on a really great experience for a player, there is nothing in the way when you’re reaching up for the notes on the higher frets you feel no restriction. The neck profile is thin, very comfy and fills the hand extremely well. They really do focus on a design that holds nothing back for a player that really wants to go all out.