Aristides guitars

Customer Profile: Jeremy Hoegee

Name: Jeremy Hoegee

Age: 23

Location: Alberta, Canada

Model: Purple Marble 070 w/ Lundgren M7’s; 080S w/ BKP C-Bomb & VHII (in progress)

How Long Have You Been Playing: 6 years

What Do You Play: Death/Prog/Doom Metal, Shoegaze. Black Dahlia Murder, Neuraxis, Sunn O))), Deafheaven, Nails, Porcupine Tree, Arusha Accord.

What Made You Want To Try Aristides: A few friends had builds in progress, and I was thoroughly impressed by the workmanship I was seeing in their progress pictures, especially for how frequently they were receiving and posting update pictures. I liked the shape, and the composite material was really intriguing, so I visited the website and spoke to Pascal to see what models were available. I’d been looking into purchasing a custom 7 string, and the 070 combined all the features I wanted, without the lengthy wait that comes with ordering a CS instrument, and with no compromises on quality.

What Do You Like About Aristides: Because I tune to A standard, clarity, definition and articulation is a must for me. I’ve struggled with finding a 7 string that could deliver the articulation I need for the low strings that doesn’t negatively affect the tone of the treble side of the instrument. 25.5” was too short and muddied up my tone, and 27” was making the highs too brittle. The 26.5” of the 070 keeps my low strings tight and defined, but keeps my highs warm and clear. The stability of the Arium material combined with the extremely resonant nature of the instrument is astounding, even acoustically every string is clearly audible and strong. The build quality is absolutely superb, the build process is extremely personalized, it feels like you’re catching up with a friend more than ordering a guitar. Aristides has combined innovation in the form of composite materials, and combined it with the pursuit for quality in both tone and construction and delivered what I believe to be the very best sounding extended range guitars available.