Aristides guitars

Customer Profile: Ian King

Age: 19

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Models: Laser Lemon 080, Red/Purple Chameleon 070

How Long Have You Been Playing: 6 Years

What Do You Play: I mainly play Prog Metal/Rock. Rush was the first band that really made me want to practice, from there I moved to Dream Theater and Periphery. I’m writing music in the vein of Scale The Summit, Animals As Leaders, Periphery, and Good Tiger with my band Origin of Species.

What Made You Want To Try Aristides: One of the first times I saw an Aristides was Mark Holcomb’s Red/Purple Chameleon 080 and I fell in love. My teacher Chris Letchford also had a blue 060 and only gave positive feedback on the instrument.

What Do You Like Like About Aristides: Everything about the process was amazing. They offer a lot of help in ordering and really want you to be happy with your instrument. The composite materials means that you have a stability that normal wood guitars cannot compete with. I received mine completely in tune. Every Aristides I’ve played has been flawless. The guys continuously produce instruments that play and sound amazing!