Aristides guitars

Customer Profile: Evan Wicklund

Name: Evan Wicklund

Age: 20

Location: Duluth, Minnesota, USA

Model: 060 Deep Sky Blue HSS w/ Blackhawk & Cobras; 050 Laser Lemon w/ Quarter Pounders

How Long Have You Been Playing: 10 years

What Do You Play: I mostly play Metal and Pop. My main influences are First Signs Of Frost, Skyharbor, Good Tiger, Zelliack, & Twelve Foot Ninja.

What Made You Want To Try Aristides: Well, up North, especially in the area I live, the weather changes very quickly. One day it can be extremely cold and snowing and the next can be warm and sunny. This causes some issues with standard wood guitars and pushed me to start looking for a solution. After many different guitars and custom builds(one being a full roasted maple guitar) I found Aristides guitar’s while watching through Fred Brum’s videos. I was completely astounded by the sound of a completely composite instrument and felt the need to get one for myself.

What Do You Like About Aristides: The instruments feel invincible and sound amazing. Weather changes don’t matter with these guitars and basses at all. They are really everything I could ever want out of an instrument. The ordering process is extremely easy as well and Pascal always makes sure every build is perfect. They are the best!