Aristides guitars

Customer Profile: Alex Kelley

Name: Alex Kelley

Age: 23

Location: Jacksonville, USA

Models: Metallic Red 070 with Lundgren M7’s

How Long Have You Been Playing: 8 years

What Do You Play: I play mostly modern metal and old school rock from After the Burial and Revocation to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kansas.

What Made You Want To Try Aristides: I saw pics on Facebook groups and forums about Aristides and I always thought they looked really cool! The materials used and the construction piqued my interest. As luck would have it I got to play Swanny from Monument’s 050 bass and I really dug the feel of the instrument but I have no idea what I’m doing on a bass. So later I got a chance to play Kyle Karich and Jonathan Amaral’s 060 and 070 and absolutely fell in love and placed an order right then!

What Do You Like About Aristides: I find that the quality is second to none and above everything the frets are absolutely impeccable! The personalized experience with my build was unlike any other as the team at the factory has a lot of personality! The specs on my guitar are a dream from the standard features like the compound radius, longer scale length aat 26.5”, the unreal high fret access, and a Hipshot bridge. For my own personal specs I really love the variety of tones I can achieve with dual Lundgren M7’s and a 5 way switch and the color matched inlay sets it all off. I definitely will be ordering a second guitar in the near future!